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The Power Rangers Games have been with us for as long as we can remember. Who doesn’t relish the days we could come from school, cuddle ourselves on the chairs and wait expectantly to be entertained by the power rangers. My favorite character was always the blue power ranger. This team has already earned its marks in the books of history .Their games remain to be revered by both adults and children.


For those who love the Power Rangers Games, you can enjoy these games online. Take some of the characters of the power rangers and defeat the evil masters to rescue the world from their evil forces.

Some of the power games that you can find online are as listed below:

  1. Rangers Together, Samurai Forever.
  2. Power rangers super samurai
  3. Flip out
  4. Rangers Defense Academy
  5. Power Puzzler

These are just but some of the games you can play on the extensive collection of games available for these characters. Each game has its own unique features and characters. You will not run short of fun as you play them. For instance, in one of the games, you get to stop an evil power from taking control of a city. The evil moogers would want to take over the town and from time to time they are released from their portals. What you have to do is to prevent them from taking control of the town. This game is exciting and full of action and vigor. I tried it out and I can tell you that the blue power ranger is spectacularly amazing as a character on this game.

In another of the games you get the option of choosing a suitable surrounding where you play your games. From there you get to battle with teams of moogers and you pick trophies and earn points along the way as you go from one level to another. Here again, you choose from the several samurais available. As always, I used the blue power ranger and did amazingly well.

In yet another game, you play in the midst of a forest with the moogers flying at you like wild fruits! What you have to do is to avoid being touched by the moogers. If they touch you have failed the test and you have to start all over again. You will find this game to be thrilling and full of fun.

In another Power Rangers Games, you are trained on how best to throw your shots. The game is captivating because as you get taught, you also have to avoid the shots of the trainers. As you progress through the levels, the speed of the shots also increases. You will find this game to be very entertaining especially as you progress in the ranks.

You will find that as you progress through the levels in these games, they continue to be exciting and full of thrill. The higher the level, the more thrilling it is. You can also not run short of games as there are more than ten c0llections of games that you can play.

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