Top 5 Online Gaming Genres

Top 5 Online Gaming Genres

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There are different kinds of games available online market and based on your interest you can make your choice on which type of genre you would like to play. Genre used to define different games in different categories. It classifies different games based on, what type of play it will give you. The following are top 10 gaming genres with small descriptions of each genre.

  • Action

This game generally based on physical challenges. In this type of the game, player character gets physically tough challenges. This type of games require hand-eye coordination and motor skills of the player. This genre contains huge varieties of game. There are also some categories subgenres which are now becoming more popular like shooting games, fighting games etc.

  • RPG

Role playing game is one of the most popular genre of online game. By getting to be a part of a story seems much more fun. This types of games can be based on true story of history where you get a chance to play as the main character’s avatar. You can actually be the part of that story as you can be able to experience them through your avatar. MMORPG is the subcategory of RPG games where multiple players can play this game and each player would have a different character avatar.

  • Adventure

You can also enjoy the adventure genre of gaming if you are an adventure loving person. Dungeon hunting, Climbing Mountains, and Treasure hunting are some popular themes of adventure games. The thrill of doing something which is so difficult that it may seem impossible and when an adventurer able to achieve success that creates the most amazing feeling. You can also experience part of that by enjoying adventures game.

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  • Racing and Simulation

Even if you have never driven a car, you can experience car racing while gaming. It will give you the feeling that you are driving a car. Now some simulation games are also there, which enhances the quality of racing games. It makes you really feel like you are actually in the driver seat. The visual and graphics make it much more real.

  • First person shooter

It is the type of genre which is most popular in terms of online gaming. It gives an experience of action and adventure both at the same time. You can play this game with multiple players online and also against each other. You can also use cheat to raise your level. You can discover cheats available on battle field game series by browsing “BattleField 1 Hack” online.

Gaming is creating its own new dimension in the world. You can also use smartphones to play online games based on different genres. Now you don’t need huge gaming consoles and cables to enjoy these games. The craze of online gaming is not only in young kids but also in adults. Now even some players are also opting it as a profession.

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