Top 4 Card Games To Play When You Get Bored

Top 4 Card Games To Play When You Get Bored

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If you are alone or you don’t have any work to do then you can easily get bored. Playing Card games can be the best way to escape from your boredom. You can play cards with bunch of people and there are also some games which you can play alone. There are also fun card games which even children can play. It can be an easy way to spend time with your families while you are in home or travelling out. Even there are card games for adults who likes to play gambling with their money.

Here are some games which you can play when you are bored.

Go Fish

It’s a classic game which you can also play with kids. The dealer gives 5 or 6 cards to all player and the rest of the card rest as face down at the center of the table. The player who is playing first will have to ask his/her consecutive player that he/she has a card “X”. If the other player has that cards then he has to give all of them but if he/she does not have the card which has been asked for then they will say “Go fish”. When you complete a set of 4 cards you can keep them aside. The player who will complete all the set of card will be the winner.

How To Play Solitaire
How To Play Solitaire


If you are alone and feel bored then you can play this game. You just need a deck of cards or you can also play this game on your PC. This game can be played alone. This game is also called as patience or game of patience because in this game you need the patience to win a game. This is also one of the most popular game. If you want to know more about this game then you can findHow to play solitaire online.


It is a great card game which you can play with your friends or alone, whenever you are feeling bored. Playing this game is also a good exercise for the brain. This game is played by placing all the cards down on the floor and a player has to find the similar cards by turning their face. The player needs to memorize the card which he/she had turned and try to find the similar card.

You can also play rummy or poker games which are games for adults. Above shown are the games which you can enjoy with your families and friends whenever you are bored. You can also play some games alone. Even if you don’t have the deck of cards, you can play this game on your PC , laptop, or smartphones.

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