How-To-Earn-More Fortnite-V-Bucks-In-The-Game?

How To Earn More Fortnite V-Bucks In The Game?

Like every multiplayer game, fortnite battle royale game also has virtual currency named as v-bucks. The more amount of v-bucks, the more you will able to buy weapons, customers, battle packs and many more things. You can change the avatar of your player by exchanging the exterior costumes, items, and products. While you can also use these bucks to get some new and unlimited weapons and skins and can also acquire new character, gliders and harvesting machines. But it is quite hard to reach that level and earn such amount of v-bucks. There are still some possible ways to get free v-bucks in the fortnite battle royale game.

Daily login –

The first way to earn some free v-bucks is by daily login into the save the world. When you log in each day then you will gain some rewards which include cosmetic items, v-bucks and many more. On the 11th day in the save the world, you will earn v-bucks and the next one not until the 28th day. It is the easiest method to earn the v-bucks but it does not provide you in a large amount.

Complete daily quests

After logging in, you will get some daily quest or challenges. These challenges include some task which requires to complete in one day such as killing X enemies in the certain type of hero etc. After completing the task, you will earn some v-bucks as rewards.

Complete storm shield mission

Another method of earning v-bucks is to complete the storm shield mission. These are the missions which you need to complete and unlock the areas to progress in the game. Completing the mission offer you v-bucks which will increased with the further mission.

Complete challenges and side quests

Side quests are another type of quest which allows you to earn v-bucks. Not all the side quests offer you v-bucks but the quests which offer, offer can up to 150 bucks. Challenges get open at the different times and can open up to 10 times. Each competition gives you at least 50 v-bucks.

Buy a high-end v-buck package

fortnite generator
fortnite generator

You can also buy some free v-bucks through different websites. You will find a number of fortnite generator websites which provide many ways to generate the v-bucks. You will also get different packages for buying the v-bucks.

With these above methods, you can get some free v-bucks from which you can buy many new items from the item shop and change the look of your player.

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