How Can Online Games Help To Overcome Mental Illness?

In the modern life, many of us are facing mental problems like Depression and anxiety which are very tough to tackle. Mental illness is a mind condition that can be treated with medicines but it also requires something more than it like love and affection and most importantly the fun and excitement in the life so that the clouds of darkness and sadness can be removed forever. Online gaming can play that role too.

Many kinds of research have found that online free game can help the mental patients to fight against depression and anxiety. In this article, you are going to read about the advantages of playing online games over mentally ill people. Let’s take a look!


  • CO-OP and MMORPG games can reduce social anxiety-

The full form of CO-OP is cooperative gameplay and MMORPG stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games. These are the kind of feature in video games that allow players to play as teammates generally against one or more AI opponents. These types of games are extremely helpful for people suffering from social anxiety and depression. Because in these games they can interact and make friends.


  • Puzzle games are very helpful for increasing concentration-

According to various studies, it is proven that puzzle games can genuinely help people to overcome stress and anxiety. Because they help to reduce the different kinds of distractions. According to many scientists, distractions that we faced in our daily nowadays are the biggest cause of stress and anxiety. While solving puzzle we have to concentrate on one thing. So this helps us to feel calmer and less anxious.


  • Depression overcoming online games

 free game
free game

The one who had gone or going through depression and anxiety can only understand the pain of it. It is very hard to explain to anyone why you are not looking happy? Why are you not cheered-up? And many more things. These types of games not only make you feel like someone is with you which understand your pain but also gives you the motivation to fight against all odds.


  • Games using OCULUS RIFT-

It is advised by many psychological experts that whenever anxiety try to grab you then it is good for you to take deep breaths. It is believed that breathing is very beneficial to regain control over the mind. There are few games developed using Oculus Rift that is basically made to support you during the anxiety attack. It leads you into the breathing exercise. In this, you experience the very peaceful underwater world that responds to your breaths. This immense virtual underwater experience makes you feel focused and calm.


These are some of the reasons that show us that online games are also beneficial for overcoming mentally ill people. It is tough to fight against depression but if you take proper medications with these types of gaming alternatives then you will definitely feel better and normal.

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