Top 5 important factors to consider while betting on football

Top 5 Important Factors To Consider While Betting On Football


Football betting is huge and growing rapidly by every year. It is a global industry which generates billions of pounds every year. Now, football betting is a worldwide phenomenon. It is played all over the world. The huge popularity of the game football is the strength in its betting.

While betting or trading on football, you need to research few important things. Just like an investor research about the company before investing in it. Considering necessary things helps to increase your chances to win more often.

Here are 5 important factors that you need to consider while betting on a football game –

  • Team news 

The most important thing as a punter you need to consider the evaluation of teams. You must check the injured, suspended and doubtful players. Most people do not evaluate the influence of absentees.

Every team has some players which are actually key to their teams and team can’t perform same without them. You need to make sure who are absentees and you are replacing them. And also know how the performance of new members was when last time they played? The whole assessment of the teams is necessary and it can be helpful to choose your team.

  • Recent form

Most people bet on the teams based on their name and reputation. But their recent performance is more important. Look out the performance of your team of previous 5-6 matches and if they are away or home too. This is because some teams play very well at home but poor away.

  • Head to head history

You need to keep yourself updated related to everything about the teams and football. 7m is the online website which provides every information and news on football 24*7 and offers betting options for the punters who want to place a wager online.

You also need to access the performance of both the teams over a long period of time. It is the best way to get the idea of the average performance of the teams.

  • Motivation

It is the most important to consider how much a team is motivated to win a match. As a punter, you should know how much a team wants to win a match.

  • Weather

If you like to place a bet on the goals then you need to consider the weather. Especially during winters because the huge amount of rain and snow will affect the quality of football on the pitch.


Considering all the above things help you to make money for a long-term and increase the winning chances. You will be able to go a long way to gain an edge on the market.